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Same Flickering Problem here... All the games listed have been a problem for me as well. I've tried all the different Settings and yet not a single one worked for me. Oh and BTW, For me the Light, Dark Flickering is happening even at refresh rates of 75 or any refresh rate I use for that matter. I've done everything possible from Removing everything in my case and running it all laid out so that nothing is touching the card to playing with every aspect of my BIOS and even Swapping out different PSU's and none of this worked. When I had the radeon 9700 pro or the 9800 I never had this issue.

I even tried using some old ferret clips to see if they would reduce the problem and they didn't do anything. I've done extensive testing on my PSU's using a Digital Meter and they seem to be fine as well.

Hopefully nvidia will come up with a solution very soon before the fan on my eVGA 5900U drives me insane. Although I have this feeling well all be stuck with a damn expensive ($500) problem.

BTW: I also seem to be getting some noise from the card every time I scroll with the mouse...
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