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Default Re: DirectX 10, BioShock and Anti-aliasing

Originally Posted by FearMeAll View Post
I just used the NVapps.xml off of windows search. I know in nhancer the only thing I did was enable the Bioshock profile to work with 4x4 SSAA. It worked for me and now you have me scared to ever update my drivers.
Don't worry about it. NvApps.xml is just where all the game profile info is stored - it's not an component of the driver code or anything. It's usually overwritten with the latest version when you install new driver - only in this case they changed where it's kept so the old one isn't overwritten. However, having an old copy hanging around in a different directory won't do you any harm. The old one won't be used by anything, so it's not a big deal.
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