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Default Swapped 8800GT for GTX 260--FSX Horrible Now!

I may have screwed up. I just know enough to get in trouble.....

I had a local computer guy build a fast gaming machine for my son so we can put together a home flight simulator panel. I am a pilot and he is learning to fly.

The system came like this:
Antec 900 Case
Motherboard: Intel DG35EC 775 (ECG3510M)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4ghz
RAM: 4gb DDR2
Video: EVGA 8800GT
PS: Coolermaster 650W
Cavier 320gb HD 7200 RPM
Windows Vista Home Premium 32

The plan was to add a second 8800GT. However, the motherboard he used doesn't have another PCI-E x16 slot. So we decided to get a faster single card solution.

Today I swapped out the 8800GT with a EVGA GTX 260. What a disappointment!! This card is now only giving him 8-12FPS at best. I uninstalled the old drivers before installing the drivers for this card from the NVidia website. I've run Precision to make sure it isn't downclocking (whatever that is!). It seems to stay set at the level we leave it while he plays the game.

I'm thinking about just keeping the 8800GT now. I just don't see any improvement here. Someone said to overclock the processor but I don't know how---and I don't think this motherboard will let me do it anyway.

I looked at the Tom's Hardware charts. The 8800 Ultra is much faster than the GTX 260.

What should I do?? Please help us get FSX fast! I thought this would be much faster than the 8800GT.
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