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The GF2 Ultra rolling lines may not have anything specific to do with the flickering problems but there is more than just a passing relationship. At that time there was a topic here with over 100 replies, and nVidia at that time also requested for people in the bay area with a PC showing the issue so they could visit to see. If I remember correctly they had trouble reproducing it initially, it was then reported they had, and then they hadn't, and then GF3 came out I don't remember it ever having a happy ending.

I do know that the problem DID exist and was directly related to the card. There was some member that posted in the topic regularly, "trying to help" and he was adamant is was not the card, despite all the evidence I and others had collected to the contrary. This person was the sort that started threads with "I've been an expert in X & Y since nappy training" know the type

Anyway the card was a Creative GF2 Ultra and in attempting to solve it I tried a completely different PC no parts were the same. I also took the card to my work place some 10 miles away and tried it there in another PC different everything including monitor. I even tried it on the, (motorsport), trucks generator to rule out the mains electricity. whatever I did the card showed bad rolling lines at specific resolutions, but swapping it out with any other of a few cards I had at the time (one a GF2 GTS) = no rolling lines. Now to me this indicated with 99.9% certainty that it was either the card causing it, or the card was more sensitive to some form of very common outside interference, most likely due to a specific element in is design or fabrication. I guess this is most likely going to be very similar with the FX flicking problem

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