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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Progresses were made, definitely, but I stil find my 9600GT slower than the 7900GT I upgraded.
I think 9xxx cards aren't as affected as 8xxx series, wouldn't know why. I never had those terrible performance issues resizing windows and scrolling firefox.
For me, the problem is relative, as it really improved after a cpu/motherboard upgrade (brute force is cheap these days, I got a E2180 an run it @ 3.2 Ghz) - which indicates too much being done by software fallbacks .

Another thing I noticed: x86-64 drivers are faster than 32 bit. It was a noticeable diference after I installed a 64-bit distro.

And drivers have definitely improved. After latest official drivers (173.14) I can finally run 1080p H.264 clips (totally unplayable before) and watch TV with Tvtime.
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