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Question Question and ideas


I'm running an Abit NF7-S V1.1 and haven't experienced the lockup problem -other problems but no lockup.

Did you apply the Nvidia 1.0-0261 drivers to the system? The reason I ask is that many of the other threads with problems seem to have applied that driver patch. I had great stability (month+ uptime at 100% cpu) using 2.4.21 using the native kernel Nforce drivers with nvnet from the 1.0-0261 drivers. *****It was pointed out to me that the 0261 doesn't patch the ide .... my mess up******

I have had problems with the 2.4.22-preX series of kernels with audio and nvnet though. I found that in the 2.4.22-preX series that ACPI is a problem. I had to pass the kernel "acpi=off" (pci=noacpi didn't give stability) to get audio and nvnet stabilty. I use the stock Nforce driver, not the Nvidia supplied version.*** no ide patch in the 0261 driver pack ... my error ******

If I look at the /proc/interupts file, USB, network, Nforce2 chip (audio+ide) are on the same interupt (10). These are the same systems that seem to be at the core of the current issues.

So, I'm wondering if the Nvidia ide drivers may not be a problem with the added complication of changes to ACPI that are leading to the rash of issues.

Hopefully an idea pops out that may help your issue.

FYI - I run RH 9.0, custom kernels, BIOS 19, SETI@HOME all the time + my normal activities. 2xdisks, 1 cdrom, 1 cd/rw, no SATA, FIrewire enables, USB enabled. GForce 2 GTS graphics card. XP 2100+ o/c to 2700+ w/333 FSB. nvnet and Lite-on tulip network card.

Good luck bug hunting!


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