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Default Re: Evga GTX 280 FTW crash problems - not overheating

Originally Posted by tds911 View Post
I received my GTX 280 HC direct from EVGA and after installing it my X38 MB had the same trouble from day one--all 2D apps worked perfectly but as soon as I got into a game (Bioshock, Crysis, GoW,CoD4, etc.), within as little as 10 seconds to as much as 20 minutes I'd get a locked screen, then a black screen, and a few moments later a CTD with an error of "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered" in Vista 32 and a simple "application terminated" error in XP 32.

I went thru everything the OP did to try and fix it: talked to EVGA several times at length without success, tried a different MB (a 780i) and found it worked fine in that MB (as opposed to my Maximus Extreme).

So, sparing you the frustrating details and cutting to the chase--I finally found that after messing around with the BIOS settings ad nauseum--I FINALLY came up with a solid fix that has worked consistently thru every game for 48 hours now, in both Vista and XP. And while I realize my solution won't work for everyone, perhaps it will help one frustrated soul:

I found that if lowered my RAM (DDR3 PC1800) down a notch to the basic PC1600 presets (allowing stock PC1600 timing, etc.), the problem was solved. Overclocking with the rest of the BIOS settings has not lowered stability on my system and I've OC'ed it up to 4.2 GHz with no trouble, so I finally set it at a mild 3.61 GHz.

Again, just my solution to the irritating teething problems the GTX 280 seems to be causing on some systems--I hope someone can solve their problems with this simple fix.
As a matter of process, setting clocks to stock speeds is one of the first things you should do in situation like this.

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