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So I need some information about the rolling lines PLEASE. I get them well I think I do i'm not sure if this is what everyone else is getting thats why I need more information. I only have the following game installed:

Vietcong (noticed some Flickering, only when I look up at the sky)

Morrowind (when I look up and then down using the mouse I see these lines appear, when don't move the character to look up and down there are no lines)

Battlefield 1942 (the same line effect as Morrowind)

So these lines people are seeing, what are they like, mine just appear and only appear when I'm looking up and down and moving the mouse around fast and as soon as I stop the lines go away.

Is this what everyone else is getting? Or do you get it all the time even when your not moving around in a game?

Oh and Nvidia I hope you release a Patch or Driver to fix this like real SOON or your going to lose a customer for life. I think everyone has them problem not just some people, I just think that people are not seeing it or looking for it. I have very good eye's and that is why I noticed it so quick.

I'm sure that when I had my Geforce 4 4600 and I looked up and down in Morrowind or Battlefield 1942 them lines didn't appear, I'm sure. I just wish I had two computers that I could test on.
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