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Originally posted by Solomon
1. O.k. this is getting annoying. Just because you might have not experienced this doesn't mean it's not happening to many people. I just wish people would look past their own experience and see that this isn't just one or two people. You do realize that just because it's not posted on various forums that this problem isn't as rampant as you might think.

2. Bladerunner is correct. This happened with the GeForce 2. I just don't understand why some are forcing their experience as an end all to end all. This is just like what has happened with the GeForce 2. So please be a little more open minded about this situation at hand.

3. I recall the same scenerio with other consumers with the GeForce 2 card. So BigBerthaEA instead of saying this isn't happening or isn't the same thing, please keep in mind that because you didn't experience it or suffer this rolling lines problems with todays card or the GeForce 2 Ultra doesn't mean it's not happening. Keep an open mind and maybe give some advice to people to try.

D. Solomon Jr.

1. Yes, this IS getting annoying. I am sorry that my experience with this issue is different than what YOU describe. I remember the rolling lines issues and this is simply a different, yet likely related issue. The fact that I see it differently than you does not make my experience or feedback any less credible than yours or anyone else's.

2. I am not "forcing" anything on anyone. I am just stating that what I saw THEN and what I see NOW are very different, but I will say that I believe they could very well be related. I guess I could be guilty of splitting hairs with regards to semantics, but I do feel very strongly that what I see on my end is different. Also, I have yet to state that the issue I am seeing is universal for EVERY user. OK?

3. I have a VERY open mind and not once have I stated that I do not believe what others are seeing nor do I doubt what they are describing. All I was disagreeing with is your assertion that this issue is EXACTLY the same as the GF2 Ultra issue. Since I am seeing differently on my end, I am entitled to express just that. If in the end, they discover that the issues are identical, then I feel I will owe you an apology. Until that time, please respect my opinion on the issue because like you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. We can disagree all day long, but please don't tell me that I do not have an open mind. That is simply not true.

My apologies to the forum and the mods. Out of respect for the community, I will not post on this thread again.
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