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Default Re: G15 Keyboards apps for CPU/GPU temps?

Install lcd studio and request the license, then install the lcd fonts from the zip into the fonts section of your Control Panel in windows.
Copy the theme into your lcd studio directory and load it(temp2.xls), now you should have the theme running in lcd studio.
Depending what you're using to monitor your hardware, be it rivaruner/atitool/atitray/mobo monitor or speedfan, all those apps output info directly into lcdstudio, you just have to select it in lcd studio.

For example my gpu temp is reported by rivatuner, so right click on the text under GPU in the theme and click properties. The parameter you want to change in the box at the left is called Data Item, click on the text next to data item and you'll get a box of available inputs you can choose. Mine was under rivatuner>core temp. Same goes for any other input, you just have to select it.
If you need any more help let me know.
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