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Just for the record I didn't and wasn't suggesting the rolling lines GF2 U issue is /was the same as the flickering FX issue. I haven't experienced the flickering FX issue myself. I have a 5900 U here but it's not useable atm for me to check it out. What I was trying to get across though is that the GF2 Ultra DID have a rolling lines issue that was directly related to the cards in some way, and nVidia attempted to try to find the solve for that. As far as I'm aware there was never a "Fix" but some people that rma'd later one got a replacement without rolling lines.

With regard to the above, the current flickering FX issue could be related, but if not it is a similar type of issue being dealt with in a similar way, lets hope the end result is a more positive one.


The rolling lines issue with the GF2 U I had, (and I'm not Suggesting everybody's was exactly like this), was visible all the time in 2D and 3D, and was varying degrees of bad related to resolution / refresh rate. It looked like thin straight magnetic waves, (No, not moiré pattern), that would slowly scroll up and down the screen either vertically or diagonally and change direction. At some refresh / resolutions it was almost invisible, others it was fairly obvious, although some people found it hard to pick out until it was explained, I almost beat my girlfriend of the time to death over it because she couldn't see it initially
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