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Default Re: Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding - GTX260

Sometimes it can be caused by the drivers as well. The worst thing about these errors is exactly that. The error is always the same, but the cause is always different. Others have had it from faulty cards, other from bad ram, others from system incompatibilities of a sort, others from unstable Nvidia drivers. The only way to make sure your system is not at fault is run a Windows XP installation side by side with Vista. If your system is rock solid in XP, then it's very likely that this error is because of drivers or a weird conflict.

For example, I have a WinXP x64 installation with my current system that is, until now, error free. My Vista installation is also, error-free. Yesterday, I installed the 177.73, which caused this error within a minute in Crysis. Rolled back to the 177.41s and ran the timedemo for 90 minutes without error...

Conclusion: The 177.73 are an unstable set of drivers for my system. For you, they might work perfectly...

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