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Originally posted by seizetheday4eva
Well I'm VERY disappointed with Nvidia. I am seriously thinking off RMAing my Creative Geforce FX 256mb 5900 Ultra if Nvidia don't come up with something that fix's the flickering and rolling line problem. I can't really notice the flickering so much to be honest as for the rolling lines I think it's the games and not my graphics card to be honest because it only happens in Morrowind and Battlefield 1942 and the lines I get are not the same as Bladerunner got with his GF2. I ONLY get the lines if for example my character in Morrowind is standing still and then I use the mouse to look up and down very fast then I see lines come and go. Maybe everyone gets this i'm not sure?

I so confused right now I just wish that I had two computers that I could compare!

Damn Nvidia for selling these OVERPRICED cards with problems.

Maybe I will return mine and either wait for Komplett to have in stock the Asus non-reference design or maybe I will just wait for the NV40! Hopefully the flickering problem can be fixed with new drivers, one think I am sure off and that is that it is the card and any part of my other hardware simply because so many people are having the same flickering problems.

Also has anyone got the Asus Geforce FX 256mb 5900 Ultra card? It looks real cool it has a blue PCB board which is made by ASUS and has two fans with a copper sink on it? Does anyone know if it cools the card better then the reference design ones? Does anyone even have this card yet? Comes with some cool games too.
Did you try what another person suggested? Something with turning off the mouse acceleration thing? Or was that you who suggested that earlier in the thread?

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