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You could be right but how do I control Vsync on or off? Some people say there is an option in the Nvidia Control Panel but I don't see it?

Still do you think I should return my card and get the Asus Geforce Fx 256mb 5900 Ultra instead because of the flickering i'm getting? The Asus one looks much better it has a blue PCB board and two fans with a cooper heat sink it looks great and has a better software package such as games plus Asus are better known for Graphics cards then most others?

Also I don't really understand why these Nvidia FX cards have been released so early what was the point because there are no game that use DX9 really! Also Half-Life 2 is no longer coming out in September and TRUST me I know this for a FACT!

Oh and buy the time games do come out that use DX9 Nvidia will have released the NV40 or whatever card comes out after the NV35 (Geforce FX 256mb 5900 Ultra). Maybe I will return my card and then just wait, no point in having a card so powerful when the power is not even being used so too speak.
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