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Default Help me...

First off the critical info...

- Running Red Hat 7.3 (2.4.18-3 kernel)
- GeForrce 4 Ti 4200
- Athlon XP processor (single)
- tried ver 1.0-3123 of the driver
- got the athlon kernel driver
- rpm version

If i forgot something let me know... here is the problem...

after doing the install (both RPM) and reebooting, x would not start. So i ran Xconfigurator, but X wouldd not load even on 640X480X8bit. then i ran statx to note the version of XF89Config it was using (XF86config-4). I then removed the two lines from the config file (GLcore and ummm the other one....). tried startx again (not Xconfigurator cause it would have just screwed up those two lines again...) and X still failed to load. The final command executed was:

[GLX]: calling GLXExtensionInit

just after this line it crashed with:

Fatal server error: caught signal 11

Any ideas...
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