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-What is wrong with cancelling bids from people who are aimed to leave negative feedback for their own stupidity? If they're not going to be happy, why should I let them proceed?

-Complaining about flat shipping costs in 'feedback' is stupid. You'd have to be stupid not to agree with that wouldn't you?

-As for proving my point; you don't think that the misconceptions spewed about the 9500 to 9700 mod was moronic/idiotic? I proved them wrong on every facet! is it wrong to try to stear away people like that to avoid future problems?

Is it wrong that I want to be upfront and let these kinds of people know that I don't want them bidding?

I further don't understand the differences in posts. I copied and pasted from here to there, then went back and added this to the original post;

"Shipping and Handeling is $20 flat for Continental US only. If there's any problem whatsoever with this, please do not bid! I will cancel any bids from people who whine about these costs in feedback!"

-This was in response to the unwarranted hissy fits about the shipping. It was not there originally, despite what DigitalWanderer may think. I did not "soften" the post. I hardened it. The way I see it, I'm doing them a favor by letting them know upfront that their bids will not be accepted. Was that wrong?
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