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Originally posted by madthumbs

-What is wrong with cancelling bids from people who are aimed to leave negative feedback for their own stupidity? If they're not going to be happy, why should I let them proceed?

-Complaining about flat shipping costs in 'feedback' is stupid. You'd have to be stupid not to agree with that wouldn't you?

-As for proving my point; you don't think that the misconceptions spewed about the 9500 to 9700 mod was moronic/idiotic? I proved them wrong on every facet! is it wrong to try to stear away people like that to avoid future problems?

Is it wrong that I want to be upfront and let these kinds of people know that I don't want them bidding?
No, but you should kind of expect some of those kind of people to be less than pleased at having you call stupid/idiotic/moronic and such, and to cry foul over getting back what you give is just sour grapes and whining.

You disrespect people and you should expect to be met with some disrespect yourself.
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