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Point taken about the posts being identical initially. I don't have any issue with how you deal with shipping and all, that's your prerogative. I made no reference to the whole 9500/9700 topic so no beef there either.

I'm not defending DW or anyone else. Just hate to see these kind of pi$$ing matches over a whole lot of nothing.

No, I don't see anything wrong at all with you being upfront with people. My take is that you just came across a bit less than cordial. Maybe ppl were trolling you, I dunno.

Regardless, I'm tossed in my two cents because I wasn't really thrilled with your thread topic: "This forum has deteriorated into crap" nor did I appreciate this little gem: "Just more evidence that this forum's being overrun by morons. I just proved my point there as well."

Again, nothing personal. You have a much longer history here than I do and that demands some amount of respect I suppose. However, if you share any mutual respect for the rest of the staff here at nV News then I'd say an apology of some sort is in order.

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