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Default Re: MSI GeForce GTX 260 - $229 AR

Originally Posted by shabby View Post
My 8800gts512 was $100 cheaper after a month, so yes it does happen everytime. Maybe not 50% off but it happens.
Cards don't lose half their price in 6 weeks every time. This is the only (outright silly) claim I disputed. I'm accusing you of making this claim because you wanted us to "learn out lesson" from it as if to imply this always happens.

I paid retail for my GTX 260 - $399 (and yes, I'm getting money back from eVGA). Even today, they're not $200 so we're still waiting for "half price"! Want my suggestion? Don't hold your breath for this being anytime soon (sans the dreaded rebate).

If I had also contacted Newegg during the initial massive price drop, I would have made money on this ordeal ($399 - up to $100 from Newegg - $60 from eVGA). So maybe the lesson should be to buy with the price is unfairly high!?!
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