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Default Re: Godaddy + Vbulletin :(

well, looks like i have your solution.

it seems that the problem is indeed the password function. what needs to be done is you need to update your user in MySQL with the OLD_PASSWORD() function. however, i dont think this can be done by you.

read this thread, it is the same as your problem:
Run mysql and login as root:

mysql -u root -p
Then, paste the following command, editing as necessary, to change the password of the user to the old format.

UPDATE mysql.user SET password=OLD_PASSWORD('somepassword') WHERE user='someuser' AND host='somehost';
After you have set the passwords to the old format, flush the tables.

flush privileges;
Then exit the mysql client with "quit".
i think you need to contact godaddy, because i am pretty sure you dont have the required permissions to perform the above operations, since they require root priveleges.

so, contact godaddy. sorry
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