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Originally posted by maxpower
Just curious, could you elaborate a bit about "too commercialized"? I'm pretty new around here and I see that you go way back and all.

BTW, thought you were just making the "one post"...what's the count up to now? Buzzzz....buzzzz...there's that bug, don't let it bitecha!
well yeah, I got one word for that - procrastination. I got this final on semiconductor properties coming up and just looking at the material makes me feel sick.

As for commercializm, there's really no quick way to answer that question well. I guess at the risk of misinterpretation, I'd have to say that I really enjoyed it back then when 3dfx was all the rage, the fans were passionate, the community was something distinct and had character (i.e. not mainstream), and we actually _needed_ the new hardware to play good games. Now everything has become so comodity - even my neighbour's dog has heard of a "geforce" card (though they couldn't tell the difference between an nv10 and an nv25), the site has all these coporate connections now, the forums are certainly much larger and less tightknit,... I don't know. I really can go on forever in an attempt to describe how I feel but I guess in essence I feel like things have been cheapened from 3D graphics becoming mainstream. Well specifically this site, let me say it's still the best around (or maybe I'm just biased), but seeing all the banners and the polish and the recognition that this place is getting (it's actually being linked to now regularly), I guess it's definitely a good thing cause it's grown so much, but at the same time a part of me misses the way things used to be.
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