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I'm definitely not happy and didn't have this issue with ati... For me when I switch it will be for good though. I really don't think nvidia will fix this problem for any of us.
Well, ATI only fixed their rolling lines issue with the 9800 cards...many many 9500 and 9700 cards have bad issues with rolling lines. The best ATI did was tell people to contact customer service about the issue and said it might be possible to RMA for replacement. But many people who RMAed got cards that still produced lines. They did not give people a 9800 in exchange for a rolling line 9700, or a 9600 for a 9500 for example. Now Nvidia has similar issues except its flickering, not lines. As you know, Nvidia doesn't make the cards, so it will be up to the manufacturers your bought the card from to do some sort of RMA program if it turns out there is design bug. And none of the manufacturers are going to give you an NV38 for your NV35.... and due to the pace of technology, Nvidia will probably just fix this problem only for future NV38 boards, just like ATI only fixed it for 9800/9600 boards. So you see, its just the way these companies work. Count yourself lucky you live in a country where you can RMA things, in many countries if you want to return ANYTHING you bought, they'll laugh in your face.
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