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Smile Please stop that bashing...


my english isn't the best so I hope you'll understand what I write.
Could we please stop that non stop nvidia-bashing?
We're all having problems with nvidia drivers, especially on kde 4.
But this leads to nothing. Nvidia is aware of the problems, they might have solve them already and I hope there will be a solution in the near future.
If AaronP writes something you are talking to people, not to a company.
I think nobody is having fun in the current situation so nobody have to tell the same *** over and over again.
For me the obvious problem is that nvidia did change something inside of xorg. This is no clean solution and it was clear that this will lead to problems. (I am a programmer)
But xorg didn't have the solutions to do what nvidia wanted to do. Xorg and the whole Memory Manager issues are really existing.
The reason intel is working on GEM and other things is that the current situation is really bad.
So I understand why nvidia did that.
And EXA or something like that is not an argument, as far as I know at this point there is no driver faster with EXA then with XAA.
It's a very old architecture and at the moment things are changing.
The GPU rendered desktop stuff is difficult on every driver/platform.
I don't know exactly but if they are working on a different architecture for a new driver the they have the branches of the current drivers and the trunk (177).
And this trunk needs to be tested and, if they really have to tweak xorg in the next versions too (what I think is basically bad) they have to test it with current,older and future releases of xorg.

So just try to figure out what the problem is instead of this "crappy driver" posts.
This "crappy drivers" are having the best wine & OpenGL support you can find on linux.
If you don't need it, buy another one (and bash ATI at phoronix :-P ).

But I think the truth is that the most of you know that ATI Drivers aren't better at the moment. So you stay here and continue to blame nvidia that the situation isn't good on our lovely OS.

I agree that it is really difficult to understand nvidia because they say nothing. I got a 8800GTS too and things could work better...
They are knowing the issues. Perhaps it was good to really show them how annoying it is to reload this forum 1000 times a day. But come to an end.
You have to deal fairly, I don't want to be AaronP and read this posts.
You are talking with people.


(I have installed linux on many computers and you can go nuts with fgrlx.There are problems in video playback, tty switching and so on. You can have so many problems with video drivers...)
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