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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

But if anybody reads the posts in this forum he or she will think ATI cards are working better. And in my experience this isn't true. Phoronix Tests Results are showing the same.
The problems won't be found in gtkperf, I don't know how many posts there are just comparing there values. Without composite my 8800GTS makes 7sec (100times).

I think the same as you. I just wanted to calm everybody a little down. The statement of the kernel devs and nvidia (the opensource discussion) and then no driver without that performance problems. These Things have brought up a nonending bashing cycle which consists to a big portion non nvidia related issues or things like gtkperf and the most people here are just throwing it all into that "crappy driver" can.
It feels more like on a football game where nvidia is the opponent than in a forum.
It's not what the people write it's how.
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