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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

I think that Ati drivers are much better.
And *I* still remember times when it was the opposite. And you nor I we both will never know if it'll change again. But one thing will always happen: whining anf flaming. And this whole thing what's going on now is just ridiculus flaming: "Oh Nvidia sucks, ATi is superb, no one should ever buy an NVidia card again" ... such sentences I heard in the complete opposite and even if ATi NOW released some specs which may lead to some good drivers, it does NOT say NVidia WON'T fix their problems.

I do not give a ******* **** which card has the longer p e n i s, but all this stupid flaming will NEVER lead to any solution. If you are lucky with ATi it's cool, use it. If you are happy it's always good to flame around, right? I am probably happy as well since my KDE runs AWESOME.

I CAN understand frustration, but flaming (and that IS what most is running on digg) takes the last serious sense out of this: SOLVING the problem (which might not be your interest since you have an ATi card).... children... I'm getting too old for these trolls...
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