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Exclamation Performance concern?

I ran Crysis on my computer just days ago with an Nvidia 8600GT(256mb) on settings:
(windows vista 32-bit)

Texture: Low
Object: Medium
Shadow Quality:Low
Physics: Medium
Shaders: Low
Volumetrics: Low
Game: Low
Post P.: Low
Particles: Low
Sound: Medium
(no motion blur)

Resoulution: 1440x900 w/ Vsync and Fullscreen

I averaged 25-30 running around in the woods and 60 inside a building now and then.

I have upgraded my video card to an ATI 3850 256mb card. (other system spec.s are in my Sig.)

I am running all settings the same as above and my framerates have changed about 4fps.

Sorry, but something does not seem right. The 3850 is overall a better performance card and i should be seeing WAY better results than this. Ive read people saying they can play that game on Med. - VERY HIGH settings with that card. Or at least from what ive read.

Running DX9/10 no change (except DX10 has that keyboard and mouse lag I HATE!).

Any help or suggestions? I got all the latest patches for the game, and the newest ATI drivers on my computer. Any tips would be great! Thanks !
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