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Default Perspective

Well, I'm a new comer here but I have been around awhile. Kinda taking it easy, gettin' my feet on the ground so to speak.

This is a great site where you can express your opinions and generally get good feedback, which evolves, into a healthy discussion. Course, some people have a problem with feedback, if it is negative. Yes, some feedback may not be warranted and more like a reprisal. This usually starts an argument. It is best just to agree that you disagree and leave it at that. However, that is easier said than done and takes an effort on those involved to take the proper perspective and let it lay, so to speak. Name-calling is a NO-NO, that will not get you anywhere. Calling people idiots, pricks, or worse is not a good practice and I dare say if it were a face-to-face discussion you would avoid such tactics.

It is always best to show a positive respectful attitude toward others in any discussion. You will not get everyone to see it your way, so just accept it. Just try to be as helpful and understanding as you can and enjoy the various discussions you get involved in.

Now when a person takes on the mods you are stepping on thin ice. The mods put in a lot of time into keeping the forums from getting out of hand; keeping things as best they can, in perspective. They are very active in the forums and are very tolerant, but step in when needed. IMO, they should be commended and not abused.

I have watched this forum for sometime now and recently accepted a position on the staff at nV News. If you go by my number of posts you can call me a noobie...I don't mind. I have a past history with several thousand posts elsewhere and have been around as long as most of the other 'regulars' here at nV News. I have a hundred or so ratings on eBay and they are all positive. All of this means nothing; I have to perform to standards required of a staff member in the best interest of nV News and its membership. Likewise, individual members have the responsibility of abiding by the rules that have been set up to govern the forums.

This is a community where individuals are free to express themselves (with certain restrictions), ask for help, and give assistance to those who ask. Rash statements and unfounded criticism will probably not be receptive. In fact, over the past couple of weeks I have noted several instances where the mods have acted quickly and efficiently.

I have not said much till now so I apologize for the long post but in lieu of the most recent discussion in reference to the moderators I thought it was time to make a statement.

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