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My 2 cents, the entire argument here was moronic at best. All of those involved should have known better and just not bothered with the slurry of crap flung at each other. Digi I think you need to calm down as well as Madthumbs. And Madthumbs personally I do not appreciate your post questioning the mods here. The issue was dealt with as soon as we saw it. To be honest the last place you expect a childish name calling thread is the for sale forum. Instead of sitting around and responding to each other one of you could have hit the alert a moderator button and we all would have known about this a lot quicker. A lot of time would have been saved and we would not be having to go through all of this over such a stupid reason.

Please please please do not question our moderating standards when in the end it comes down to the user to make this place enjoyable and to respect each other. We should not be here to hold peoples hands and tell them what to do constantly.
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