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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Nvidia was a lot better in the past and maybe they will be better again in the future.

But right now, their drivers suck the life out of KDE 4.1. The difference between ATI&Nvidia does not show up in renderbench or gtkperf (it does show up in xrenderbenchmark)- but if you have a chance try it (and turn off KWIN_NVIDIA_HACK if you enabled it). Nvidia crawls, Ati flies.

With my 8600GT 4.1beta/rc/final were/are unbearable. With my 3870 4.1 is snappy. Even ut2004 got better.

Just now ATI has the better drivers - for me. It is all about 'what I am doing, what do I need'. I don't use wine, I don't switch to vts. So ATIs drivers have no downside for me. At the moment.

And there is another thing: with Ati you can choose between two drivers and select the one that works best for you. With Nividia you can't do that.

But at the end, it depends on your workload and habits which card is the best for you.

Just now ATI is the better choice for me. That might not be true for you.

Edit: and please be nice to AaronP and Zander. They are hard working people. It is not their fault. Annoying them won't help. If you have a problem, write to Nvidia. Be polite. Ask for more man power or to do as ATI does. But be polite!
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