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Red face Re: Please stop that bashing...

I agree with the spirit of the thread's title.
I'd have some thoughts to add:
  • Perhaps it would be fruitful for Nvidia people to look at the open source nv driver especially in cases where nv works better. Maybe they already do this but they just don't tell us. Keep us informed to see what is going on in the Nvidia Linux kitchen. So people won't think that Nvidia just ignores the Linux user problems. (I admit, it's really frustrating to start threads that have 0 relevant replies for months...)
  • I agree with those who say that opening up the driver source would be beneficial for the driver quality. Even if not GPL-ed, but at least a read-only access to the code (or some/most parts of it) could be useful as a starting point. This way Nvidia could get a huge amount of code proofreading power for free. Not to mention the full opening.
    (I'm not saying that this will solve all problems at once, e.g. has it's problems too. But at least the fixes are done sooner.)
    This is would be a selling point too, people just would like to buy a card that has better quality drivers. It's about money.
  • In many cases the problems of the latest driver version or application SW don't exist with the earlier versions. So we, users might switch back to an older but working version if we don't need the functionality in the latest one. (e.g. I still use KDE 3.5 and I don't have those complaints that KDE 4 users do. I'll wait for KDE 4 to become more mature before and give time to Nvidia to sort out performance problems before upgrading my SW. Honestly, I can do everyting I need with my current SW.)
    I'm not saying that we should not need the new drivers sooner or later but at least it's possible to live with the old stuff as a workaround.
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