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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

opening the 'non tainted' parts isn't easy. That is why AMD still hasn't released full specs - and never will. Some stuff can't be opened up. The devs working on it are in constant contact with lawyers discussion what can be put into the wild and which parts can't. It is not that easy. Nvidia is concentrating on their driver development. Their choice and from their POV the right choice. Don't forget - they don't have that many devs and somehow the guys working on opening the specs would have to be paid too. It is pretty much a legal minefield. Nvidia does not see a situation where possible profits are worth the risk. And who can blame them in todays litigatious environment?

Nvidia does a good job. But I was not willing to wait any longer - and the current situation was not good for me. That was my choice. Everybody can choose based on his/her/its situation. Nvidia, me, you. Freedom of choice. Nice to have.
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