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Originally Posted by ginfest View Post
I like the game and it has and does play fine on Vista(x64).
Sorry you didn't care for it and although I could care less what you play, your negative generalizations are getting old
The game played horribly on Vista when it first came out. It lasted at least until the end of the first month of release. It was a wide spread problem they had with memory leaking. That is not a generalization.

I loved the game till level 50 then it got boring as hell. I'm sorry but grinding those 3 villas for 9 levels is not fun. The lack of content killed this game.

The movement in the game was clunky and annoying. The game had a poor aggro system. You still to this very day can fall through stairs and through the floors of buildings. Gear in this game simply does not matter. I could use lvl 30 items and get do the same damage as lvl 50 gear. Oh and the epics dropped from raids was just barely better than blues at the same level.

The game was a huge let down for me. I followed it from the first announcement of it's production.

I have only said about 4 things bad about this game and you can't handle that? Who cares if you don't like what I say. Who cares if I say I don't like a game I spent $65 on. Who cares if you are tired of the few bad posts I have put up about this bad game. If you like it fine. I don't and I canceled my account a month ago.

What I do get tired of are people like you who complain because people are negative towards a game you like. Grow thicker skin. If you like it that is all that matters.
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