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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

I agree pretty much with what logan wrote earlier... If my laptops value was the same as when I bought it I would sell it any second and by another one, but unfortunately that is not the truth, the value is more like 1/2 of the price I paid for it when new.

And I think we should keep complaining and encourage people to show that they are not satisfied with the current driver. What other way could we show Nvidia that we are a market to be aware of, and what other way could we affect how the driver works - it's closed source?
And I think that I speak for most of the users showing there opinion in this matter when I say that the aim of the complaints are towards Nvidia, not the developers in this forum.

I don't know if the ATI driver is better then the Nvidia driver in any way... BUT! I can for my self see that the their drivers is upcoming, in diffrence from the Nvidia driver where all I know since I bought my computer is "we have improvments on the way for future releases".

I hope that people will keep reacting and not be satisfied with less then a good driver. I won't.
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