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I absolutely loved factions "ghetto city", the towering run down buildings of a poor city now ravaged by demons. Factions was great to play AFTER leveling up in prophecies, however I didnt like leveling up in factions. It happened to quickly, the game dosnt unlock spells for you, and the island you level up on is nothing special.

Prophecies offers a great progression speed, unlocks many of your skills through quest, and offers a diverse environment. Population isnt to bad really either, its really picked up although youll run into alot of farmers. Also later missions can be hard with just henchmen.

Factions is a great expansion, but to start out in I didn't like the start out area, and you have to buy any skills with gold in which you will quickly hit the 1Plat per skill cost. Also no heros = hard solo play, esp in missions.

Nightfall, a close 2nd best to prophecies, offering more ideal quest, boss fights, and sprawling non linear environment. Also the heros system makes it much easier to solo and do missions. Environments weighs heavily on desert regions,and the end game is quite difficult. Starting at level 1 is simular to factions, you levelup most levels on a starter island before being set loose on the main continent. Level up speed may be slower but its more fun and easier with heros and several missions you can do. You may find your self grinding some though, some areas offer creatures covering many level ranges and this means youll be resetting often to get more mobs in your level range.

GWEN -still working on, so far I like it. Multiple large storylines, well thought out areas with great views, and dungion runs (missions) take place in areas where you can ressurect in, no more lost missions if your entire team wipes. This allows for some hard missions since theres a smaller penalty for wiping. Also some dungions are multi sectioned and get reused for other quest lines, so more content quest wise.
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