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Default Re: Crysis Wars Revealed

Crysis Warhead will feature 4 graphic settings levels, 3 of them are Mainstream (medium), Gamer (high), Enthusiast (very high). This sounds like its inline with the 'Crysis Warhead certified' PC lineup EA will offer, woot!

Community Q&A

6. Can we expect more polygons to be used on objects, better textures and a better optimized game than in Crysis? (Baggibox,

Answer: In Warhead we use the most recent CryENGINE2 version which is further optimized. It is possible now to show more overall action on the screen such as explosions, AI enemies, objects and more with an increased frame rate.
15. Will we be seeing any improvements in the "vehicular damage" system? (Jiggles,

Answer: For both Warhead singleplayer and multiplayer we looked into the vehicle code and improved it in various areas. We improved the physics for almost every vehicle and also adjusted the proxy settings which are responsible for the collisions and the respective damage settings. We wanted the vehicles to behave more realistically, but still in an area where they are really fun to drive. So we tried to balance both realism and fun gameplay.
21. Will there be a broader range of enemies in this game? (I am scientist,

Answer: During the Warhead campaign we have prepared a few surprises for you, but it is better to play the game for yourself when it is released to see what kind of challenge awaits you there.
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