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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Will Run on $653 Machine!!

Crysis Warhead will feature 4 graphic settings levels, 3 of them are Mainstream (medium), Gamer (high), Enthusiast (very high). This sounds like its inline with the 'Crysis Warhead certified' PC lineup EA will offer.

Then this... confirmed better graphics + better framerate at the same time! And also upto 40 enemies onscreen!

Community Q&A

6. Can we expect more polygons to be used on objects, better textures and a better optimized game than in Crysis? (Baggibox,

Answer: In Warhead we use the most recent CryENGINE2 version which is further optimized. It is possible now to show more overall action on the screen such as explosions, AI enemies, objects and more with an increased frame rate.

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"expect a lot more explosions and enemies (up to 40 on-screen at once)" - UGO
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