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Default Some HTML/CGI/Perl i don't know what language help needed!

i'm fairly proficient in html code, but what i need i feel is outside of this realm. (CGI scripts i believe)

I'm adding something to a website for my dad's company and what they want is a confidentiality agreement to access certain parts of the website. On someone elses website, they have this setup, which is similary but not completely what i want. button to access data:

once you click that, it brings you to a page that has the confidentiality agreement and at the bottom it has a "electronically sign and submit button" like so:

then it gives you access to a page where you can view information and download documents.

I need something like this but slightly different. In addition to the 'electronically sign and submit' button, i need it to do:
  • have boxes where they can enter their contact information
  • won't allow you to 'sign' it unless this contact information is filled in
  • send an email to the person 'signing it'
  • and send an email to me, or whoever on our end with their information

is this doable or is this just ridiculously difficult?
i tried finding some premade solutions, and biz mail form seemed like it would do half of it, but i couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

any help is most appreciated!
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