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Default Re: Some HTML/CGI/Perl i don't know what language help needed!

k, here's how i would do it.

First, add the necessary textboxes.

Put them in a single form.

Have the form action be the page they want to view.

In order to view the page, all variables (name/address/etc.) must be posted.

When those things are posted, PHP can be used to send an email to you containing the information. Then have it store either a cookie or a session variable for the user. Then require the session or cookie variable to be set in order to view the page (use a redirect or error page if the variable is not set).

Sending mail in PHP:

PHP Forms:

PHP Sessions and Cookies:

NOTE: session variables are destroyed when the client leaves the site or closes the browser. cookies are destroyed when they either expire or the user deletes them.
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