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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Xbox 360 doesn't do 1080P? My buddy has one, and under the settings for the XBOx itself we set it to 1080i (that's all his TV supports). The image quality in every game looks night and day better. But it really isn't 1080 though...?
there is maybe one or two games on 360 that are really 1080p.

all other rames are rendered at 720p or in many cases lower then 720p, then upscaled by internal chip to higher resolution.

call it what you want, but think of it this way. Take a picture at 2mp and then resize it to 5mp.

Will that resized 5mp picture look the same as normal 5mp picture? HELL NO
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