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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Xbox 360 doesn't do 1080P? My buddy has one, and under the settings for the XBOx itself we set it to 1080i (that's all his TV supports). The image quality in every game looks night and day better. But it really isn't 1080 though...?
The hardware can output 1080 and the games themselves can support that resolution (which, at with required anti aliasing may be a significant performance hit). Otherwise the Xbox simply scales the lower res output to 1080. MS specifies a minimum 1280x720 2xAA but this is negotiable if you can prove your need or method since the goal of the requirement is great looking games with competitive and compelling visuals.

Back to the topic though, we should not be concerned about Carmacks 30fps quotes. He is mostly referring to the consoles where it is common to talk about game speed in 60/30 fps or 1/2 frames. He is simply saying that by bumping up the detail the game will run a bit slower, but will still be smooth. The final signal will still be 60hz for LCD/CRT, but the input and animation will rarely go below 30, which is considered very interactive and responsive, while still surpassing classic movies and TV recorded at 25fps.
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