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Switching to DVI out didn't help me at all. I had no lines whatsoever, just a pulsing light/dark type flicker on the screen. I wouldn't call it so much a traditional flicker so much as a pulsing light/dark effect that got worse when moved the mouse. You can most easily see the effect on static 3D images. The game I used for testing was Etherlords in the Duel mode on Red Desert level. It's painfully obvious there. Move the mouse around and its like you're looking at a strobe light even though its 100Hz refresh. There is a faint flicker even when the mouse is stationary, but it gets worse when the mouse is moved, which is extremely odd, I know, same effect on PS2 and USB. And I have a top of the line Intel D875PBZ board here with top Enermax PSU, and Audigy2, so you can't blame my hardware. Monitor is a top of the line IBM P97 FD Trinitron .24 tube, and a logitech optical mouse.
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