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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

For me at least, the problem isn't so much the driver issues. My problems are threefold:

1. Failure to acknowledge that a problem exists and refusal to take responsibility for it. It took Nvidia 6 months to admit the issue even existed. We saw this again with the hardware problems in the 84 and 86 cards.
2. Speed of response: It has been 8 months since the problems were discovered, 2 months since they have been acknowledge. It has been 14 months since randr 1.2 came out and support was promised by nvidia.
3. Failure to communicate. Now that Nvidia has acknowledged the problem, their answer is "we are working on it". That is not very informative. When can we expect a fix? Tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Will this fix all the problems or only lessen them? Are the KDE 4.1/Firefox 3 fixes going to be included in older cards or are they out of luck? For randr 1.2 there has been no word whatsoever in over a year.

This is a consistent problem. There is no public bug reporting mechanism, so there is no way for us to tell whether bugs that have been submitted are being fixed. There is no release schedule so we know roughly when we can expect what features. We don't even know when new beta drivers, not to mention stable drivers, will be released.

I have no problem with bugs and no problem with mistakes, assuming they are fixed in a reasonably timely manner. My problem is that I have no clue what is happening or when it will happen because nvidia doesn't bother telling us this. In my opinion a lot of the bashing is based on a lack of knowledge, a lack of knowledge about what caused the problem, what is required to fix it, and when it will happen. I think if people understood what is going on, had some expectation about when it would be fixed and to what degree, we would be seeing considerably less hostility (not zero hostility, but less). But when the only people talking are the ones with a problem, and the people with the solutions stay completely silent, then all anyone sees is problems and that probably makes things look worse than they really are. As the old cliche says, knowledge is power. And people get very uncomfortable when they feel powerless.
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