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Default Re: NVidia and XRandR 1.2

Originally Posted by ledoc View Post
I wouldn't count on any support, not even in the future. Like so many other nice things that are not supported by the binary driver, randr is an X/Linux/OSS technology. At the same time, the linux driver is a by-product of the Windows driver (do the math!).

So in addition to the fact that it doesn't (financially) pay for them to implement Linux-specific things, AND that they have other more pressing Linux problems, it would probably not even be possible or at least very difficult because the architecture of the driver is screwed up. Just look at proper XRender support. It is now already taking one year to get that right and they even wrote here that major architectural changes would be needed to get it performing. It's a Windows driver, after all.
There is no reason they couldn't...after all they support randr 1.1. The thing about the driver is not that it is a windows driver, the 3d core is more of a generic driver that is portable across oses and as it is closer to hardware there is very little os specific code.

However the rest of the driver has to be written to use this core efficiently and that is what is missing. All the modesetting and display configuration has to be linux/*nix/X11 specific afaik. Seeing as the nouveau people got it running so quick (and they are working blind) I fail to see why it can't happen...
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