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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

Okay I have a new update for you guys. I got the 5th eVGA GTX 280 and I must say I found a keeper. Today is a particularly hot day, much warmer than the other days when I tested the other cards. Even so, after 30 minutes of Furmark, temps were 88-90C and the fan was set on auto and spinning at 92% at those temperatures. Crysis was running at 76-79C at 82% fan speed. Good thing is I bought this card for $380 brand new from a friend. Now I just have to go return my bad card.

Compatibility issues? I think not. Northbridge/Southbridge fan blowing directly at the video card? Nope. What the heck is going on? I don't know.

Originally Posted by DRLQPham View Post
I just went through four, yes four GTX 280. I was so pissed off. The BFG was $419 at the local comes with a $30 rebate, so $389 would've been the total cost. I returned the BFGs and bought the EVGA for $499. Talking about another $100 for minuscule improvements.

1st - BFG 105C in ~10 seconds at 100% fan, Crysis.
2nd - BFG 105C in ~10 minutes at 100% fan, Crysis.
3rd - BFG 105C in ~10 seconds at 100% fan, Crysis.
4th - EVGA 83C-85C max at 100% fan, auto yields similar results. Crysis.

I'm still testing the 4th card, furmark is pushing this same card to 100C in about ~10 minutes. I closed the application before anything happened. I might keep this card??? Sigh...atleast this one allows casual game play.

*update* The card definitely went up to 104C in about ~15 minutes in furmark. I also got the time estimate from furmark.

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