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Default Re: Motherboard recommendation for GTX 280 SLI?

When I first went SLI I had these green lines all over the screen when ever I tried to play a game, turned out I wasn't quite getting a good connection with the SLI bridge while having the X-Fi in between the 2 video cards. All I had to do to fix it was push on the ends of the bridge a bit and it worked fine. I haven't had any problems since.

If all you're using is just the X-Fi card most any 700 series board will work just fine for you with SLI and putting the sound card between the 2 video cards. If you however have an X-Fi platinum, you actually may want a board like the Asus model with the slot at the bottom because connecting the face plate to the X-Fi card can become an issue. I'm actually ordering that Asus 750i specifically because it does have the pci slot on the bottom because currently the face plate for my X-Fi is not connected to the card due to the layout of this EVGA 680i LT.


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