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Default Re: Is getting free Wi-Fi from the neighborhood illegal?

Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
well the access point could be setup to log and intercept your traffic. A malicious operator could have set that AP up to sniff all your traffic to capture user names and password or do a reverse attack against your machine and then launch attacks that could lead to key logging or other malicious activities. The only way to really protect yourself is not to do it. Not that i have done any of this.
Interesting, I looked up on internet about wifi sniffer software and surprised to read that it can capture username and password but when I looked at other site I wont named which I was shocked to read that the $300 software can sniff Wifi LAN and capture wired/switched LAN as well as ICQ, IRC, MSN and Email. It seem here is no way to protect yourself on LAN without wifi and the solution is to switch off when not in use. It is a threat to national security if many people use the tool.

Wonder is here a wifi sniff capture program for my itouch?
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