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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Originally Posted by tzp View Post
I agree with the spirit of the thread's title.....
  • In many cases the problems of the latest driver version or application SW don't exist with the earlier versions. So we, users might switch back to an older but working version if we don't need the functionality in the latest one. (e.g. I still use KDE 3.5 and I don't have those complaints that KDE 4 users do. I'll wait for KDE 4 to become more mature before and give time to Nvidia to sort out performance problems before upgrading my SW. Honestly, I can do everyting I need with my current SW.)
    I'm not saying that we should not need the new drivers sooner or later but at least it's possible to live with the old stuff as a workaround.
I agree with the thread title, and the above quote too, and also have a thought or two to add:

As with anything, be it a car, a computer, a house, or software, if it is relatively new, there are bound to be some issues.

Now in context, we have all these people who seem bent on running the newest <bleeding-edge> versions of software, on a Release-Candidate kernel which you know is not officially supported by the nvidia drivers anyway, combined with shiny new hardware that hit the shelf yesterday, and voila! Issues arise!

So ya got a video card that cost you <blah> amount of dollars, you "need" for some reason to run the KDE 4.x.RCx that was maybe just released last night and is loaded with bugs, and as mentioned, maybe a release candidate kernel. Why not back off a bit: use a STABLE kernel that wasn't RC'd yesterday, use the driver version that works best on your hardware, and watch the forum to see if/when an upgrade would be appropriate!

Surely it won't kill you if your game has a few less FPS than Jones next door. And that's another thing-- games! Games, games, games.. Save yourself the pain and stress, and the money you seem to like spending on hardware to play games, and buy an Xbox, or a SNES, or a PSx, or whatever is the newest fangled game-playing machine, and sit back and enjoy! Even the not-so-new game machines these days can browse the internet and use a hard-drive.

FWIW, I use KDE 3.5.4. It does everything a DE should do, and even is still full of bugs just like the new KDE. The thing is though, I have gotten used to its bugs and I can work around them for the most part. I use 2.6.26 and have since it came out, without issue. At the time, the newest nvidia driver I had that I was using, did not work with 2.6.26, so I kept using the previous release.Whooopie, big deal. A few weeks later, presto! A new driver that DID work, and it worked just as well as any other I have ever used.
Currently I use the latest driver without any issues. Sure, I update because I can, but when the newest update flops, it's no big deal to revert for a while. In fact, I would prolly not even notice if someone installed 169.xx on me overnight, because I run a stable kernel, don't play games on my PC, and don't depend on software released last night. I commend nvidia for allowing me the pleasure of having 2 $60.00 videocards & 4 monitors running seamlessly in Linux; GLXgears shows 2800 or so FPS-- SO WHAT?

On a related note, as an example: computer BIOS has been around for 20 years or so, as has Linux. But you know, the motherboard makers and the BIOS makers don't provide us with flash tools to use from within Linux; only DOS/Windows tools. So, we continue to boot into DOS to do BIOS work. This sucks, but I doubt anyone's bashing BIOS makers over it (and if they are, they're doing it quietly and it isn't working). We deal with it. So can one realistically expect something BRAND NEW to be perfectly, instantly, and fully supported under Linux, while M$ has their monopolistic death-grip on both hardware AND software vendors? No. If you want that instant gratification, and 1000's of FPS in some game, Linux isn't for you. You need to use an OS that has had hardware vendors jammed up its A$$ and its grubby mitts in everyones business for at least a decade or more.

This is just my two cents; I guess as a satisfied customer for many years now, my opinion differs from that of many who frequent this forum. Maybe there should be a separate "Nvidia Linux" forum, where people who are happy with their nvidia situation can talk about it, and politely thank nvidia for their hard work. I bet the nvidia personnel would appreciate the change of pace and tone when they visited that place.
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