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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

I have been buying Nvidia cards exclusively for use in Linux since my first Nvidia card which was a TNT2. I have not bought another brand of card since because of the quality Linux drivers Nvidia provided. With my latest card (8800 GTS) I am really disappointed. 2D performance is terrible. When I first got this card 3D performed so much better (it is a non-G92 so the <100.XX drivers worked with it.) The 3D performance has been drastically reduced with any recent drivers. My brother has a 7600GT AGP card and UT2k4 plays so smoothly with the exact same settings I use which is ridiculous considering his system doesn't hold a candle to mine. It is getting frustrating waiting for Nvidia to get its act together because this has been going on for way way too long. I have been paying top dollar for the best Nvidia cards (my 8800 GTS was up there when I bought it) for years due to their fantastic Linux support but that is just not happening right now.

I don't come on here to bash but I won't be singing Nvidia's praises again until they get their act back together. AMD/ATI have made some really good choices recently that are quickly improving the quality of their drivers. They may have already surpassed Nvidia in desktop/multimedia purposes but in gaming they still have a ways to go. ATI could very well move ahead of Nvidia when it comes to Linux support and if that happens any Linux gamer would have to consider the possibility of a switch.
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