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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Sasha_A, the problem is defnetly not bleeding edge software. My 8600M GT have not perfomed acceptable with any version of gnome/kde/xfce I have tried in the last year.
And from my experince with drivers developing, a good driver shouldn't have to be modified in any huge way to work with new software, the support should already be there as it's "only" an API to the hardware. Well, maybe that doesn't apply to video drivers, I haven't developed any so I wouldn't know realy. Anyway the bug/problem is not new, there have been plenty of time to do something about it but we don't even have a clue if they ever will.

I have tried out the nouveu driver a little and I must say it does perform quite well atm, feels even more responsive than Nvidias driver in some cases. Of cource the driver is only in an early developing stage yet and not ready for daily use, but It's interesting to see that a project built on register readings can create a driver that actually works as good and even better then Nvidias driver in some cases in this time.
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