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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your REPLACEMENT GTX 200 card?

Here's my post from another forum.

It's a different card, brand new one, with the exact same issue. It hit 100C in less than a minute during the Furmark bench.

It took maybe two minutes in the GRID menu to hit 103C, & then worse in game.

Same exact little artifacts, stuttering/chugging as a result.

I messaged DC about getting a refund...but then i realized i am screwed, since the replacement card is a different serial number than what's on the box (BFG doesn't send new boxes).
So they will reject the refund i already know.

So i'm pretty much screwed.

I phoned BFG & sat on hold for about an hour...

But then i got the sweetest talking customer service girl on the phone lol.

I learned that my previous RMA was nothing more than a replacement.
They basically just sent a new one my way without checking anything. (hence why i got another bad one).

For this second RMA they are paying the shipping & it's going to the US somewhere where they will actually test the card & supposedly test the new one as well.

So i'll be without it for another couple weeks at least, & then i've got a great chance of getting another defective one back, since i doubt they will actually test my replacement.
There are people on nVnews who have gotten four cards bad so far, or others, three.

I pretty much expect to get another bad one back, but i'll keep sending them back.
My feelings = + +

I'm still waiting for BFG to get back to me with the prepaid shipping thing via email...
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